Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Published: 3/8/2011 2:52:25 PM

Contact for inquiries:
E-mail: che@nit.ac.ir
Phone: +98(111)3234204
Fax: +98(111)3234204
Address: Babol Noshirvani
University of Technology,
Shariati Av., Babol,
Mazandaran, Iran
P.O.Box: 484
Post Code: 47148-71167
Website : http://che.nit.ac.ir
Chemical Engineering School began it’s activity with accepting students in undergraduate level. The purpose of this School has been training students to progress country in industry.
Each year, many industrial and research projects stage to be implemented by teachers and students of this college to solve industrial problems.
Currently, this School is attempting to organize new student’s admission continuously in undergraduate, master and PhD.
Faculty members in this college is consisting of nine permanent members (2 Professors, 4 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors and an Mentor).
In the past year (2009), 80 ISI articles and 76 conferences articles and five applied research projects were achievements of this School.

Educational fields :
      B.S. (Level) :
      Chemical Engineering (Designing Process of Oil Industries)
      Chemical Engineering (Food industries)

      M.S. (Level) :  Advanced Chemical Engineering

      PhD (Level) :  Chemical  Engineering (General)
      Chemical Engineering (Biotechnology)

The number of students whom studying (in 2010) :
      B.S : 467          M.S : 78      PhD : 26

Academic gorups :
      Food Industries and Biotechnology
      Oil and  Gas
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