Information Technology Center

Published: 2/6/2011 12:28:21 AM

Computer center began it’s work by using 20 computers in 1993. Then in 1996, this center equipped to three separate hall with 85 PC computers and it was equipped with a internet site in next year. In 2001, Internet servers, databases, email, file server and Dialup server was established. In 2005, all domestic buildings were connected to central server building by using optical fiber technology. Simultaneous with preparing internal network, server center was equipping and commissioning with High End servers by Which separate Web server and e-mail for University teachers and students started to function in this center. The bandwidth of the university came to 5 mbps, too.
University Informatic Center with advanced features in server part can host many of their services in educational and official field, now. In addition, various services presents to teachers and students, among which access to Wireless network in the city, university campus, dormitories and use of educational and students comprehensive system can be pointed out. Bandwidth for Internet connection is 10mbps.
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