Central Library

Published: 2/6/2011 12:27:27 AM

The best way for transfer knowledge is writing and recording. This recording can be in form of books, printed and electronic magazines and journals. The library of this university is one of the best equipped one between universal libraries. It contains:
  • volume of Persian books
  • volume of books in other language
  • volume of Persian journals
  • volume of journals in other languages
  • volume of e-book CDs
  • volume of thesis
  • volume of reference books
The library of university has been established after "training technical teachers" university in 1982 with around one thousand copy of books in civil department and move to present building after it became completed. This building, which area is about 1223 square meter, has 3 floors. First floor contains trusteeship room, indexing room and official section. Second floor contains referential and informational section, magazines part and studying rooms for boys and girls, separately.
Library contains 4 parts (sections) and books are regulated on the basis of LC system.
  1. Library store has advanced books for existing fields of university in Persian and Latin.

  2. Indexing part and preparing books in which new books that have been bought, prepared and sent to trusteeship part.

  3. Referential part which contains encyclopedia, dictionaries, thesis, articles, CD index, referential books in Persian and Latin.

  4. Persian and Latin magazine part There are 9 computers in trusteeship part for students to search books. Furthermore, the books list is in hand online by this site: http://lib.nit.ac.ir.
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