Majid Shahabi

Majid Shahabi

مجید شهابی
Email:  shahabi.m[at]

Assistant Professor

Asistant Professor in Power System Engineering

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Babol Noshirvani University of Technology

Babol - Iran, P.O. Box:484


·    PhD in Electrical Engineering (Power)

Tarbiat Modarres University

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tehran - Iran          (Sep. 2003 – Sep. 2009)

  PhD thesis title: “Planning of a Decision Maker and Controller for Distribution System with DGs in Islanding Operation

·    M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Power)

Tarbiat Modarres University

Faculty of Engineering

Tehran - Iran           (Sep. 1998 – March 2001)

  M. Sc. thesis title: “Optimal Placement of Subtransmission Substations

·     B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Power)

Tabriz University

Faculty of Engineering

Tabriz - Iran             (Jan. 1994 – May 1998)

  B.Sc. final project: “Maintenance planning for electrical equipments in Neka steam power plant (north of Iran)
Research Interests

w Power System Dynamics and Control.

w Distribution System Operation and Control in Presence of Embedded Generation Resources.

w Advanced Power Electronics devices (FACTS) Applications in Power System.

w Expert Systems and GA based optimization methods Application in Power.

Honors and Awards
  w Distinguished M. Sc. thesis in research field at 20th anniversary celebration of Tarbiat Modares Univ. (Oct. 2002)
Previous and Present Positions

· Assistant Professor, Power System Engineering, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engieering, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, Babol, Iran, from 2009.

Professional Membership

· Student Member, IEEE, from 2003.

· Associate Member, IEEE, from 2010.

Teaching Experiences
  • UnderGraduate Courses 

          Power System Analysis  II

          Power system Lab.

          Elec. Machinary II

          Elec. Machines Lab.

          Industrial Electronics

  • Graduate Courses

          Power System Dynamics

          Power System Transients


 Journal Papers


1-      M. Shahabi, M.R. Haghifam, M. Mohamadian, S.A. Nabavi-Niaki, “Microgrid dynamic performance improvement using doubly fed induction wind generator, IEEE Transaction on Energy Conversion, Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 137- 145, March 2009.

2-      M.R. Haghifam, M. Sahahbi,Optimal location and sizing of HV/MV substations in uncertainty load environment using genetic algorithm”, ELSEVIER /Electric Power Systems Research (EPSR) Journal, Vol. 63, pp. 37-50, Aug. 2002.

3-      M.R. Haghifam, M. Shahabi, “Application of a Fuzzy-Genetic based method for substation allocation”, Tehran faculty of engineering Journal, Vol. 32, No. 2, pp. 132-144, Sep. 2002. (In Persian)


  Conference Papers


4-      A.R.Salehinia, M.R. Haghifam, M. Shahabi, “Reactive power control in a micro-grid in both grid-connected and islanding modes of operation, in Proc. of CIRED 2011 conference, June 2011, Frankfurt, Germany.

5-      A.R.Salehinia, M.R. Haghifam, M. Shahabi, F. Mahdloo, Energy loss Reduction in distribution systems using GA-based optimal allocation of fixed and switched capacitors, in Proc. of IEEE EnergyCon 2010 conference, Bahrain.

6-      M. Shahabi, M.R. Haghifam, S.A. Nabavi-Niaki, M. Mohamadian, Dynamic behavior improvement in a microgrid with multiple DG units using a power sharing approach, in Proc. of IEEE PowerTech 2009 conference, Bucharest, Romania.

7-      M. Shahabi, M.R. Haghifam, S.A. Nabavi-Niaki, M. Mohamadian, “Transient mitigation in a microgrid system using doubly fed induction wind generator”, International Power System Transients Conference (IPST 2009), Japan.

8-      A.M. Javadian, M. Shahabi, M.R. Haghifam, A new protection scheme for electric distribution system with DGs with capability of islanding operation, in Proc. of  12th Electric Distribution Network Conference, Iran, May 2007. (in Persian)

9-       A.M. Javadian, M.R. Haghifam, M. Shahabi, M. Abadi, A new protection scheme for electric distribution system with DGs – case study by using a real network data, in Proc. of 22th power system conference (PSC 2007), Tehran, Iran. (in Persian)

10-   M. Shahabi, M.R. Haghifam, Gh. Khoshkholgh, optimal locating and sizing of subtransmission substations using a heuristic method, in Proc. of 15th power system conference (PSC 2000), Tehran, Iran. (in Persian)



Supervised Dissertations and Theses
Research Projects

·        Research assistant in “power system stabilizer (PSS) analysis, tuning and its coordination with UEL for Neka steam power plant” project, MREC & Babol Noushirvani University of Technology (Director: Dr. Nabavi Niaki).

·        Research assistant in “capacitor and substation placement in Mazandaran’s transmission and subtransmission elec. network” project (especially for substation allocation), MREC & Tarbiat Modarres University (Director: Dr. Haghifam).


·        Research assistant in “Increasing Transmission system capability using new technologies (specially for Monitoring and Dynamic Thermal Circuit Rating method)” project, MREC & Mazandaran University (Director: Dr. Nabavi Niaki).

·        Cooperation in “comprehensive studies of Hormozgan’s 63kV electric network” project (includes Voltage stability, Capacitor placement, Reliability assessment, optimal substation location and Load forecasting), HREC & Tarbiat Modarres University (Director: Dr. Haghifam).


·        Cooperation in “comprehensive studies of Tehran South-East medium voltage distribution network” project, TREC & Tarbiat Modarres University (Director: Dr. Haghifam).

·        Cooperation in great consulting company in power system operation, MOSHANIR Co., as a power system designer and consultant, Tehran, Iran.

·        Cooperation in Cement Industry consulting company, EHDOS Control Co., Tehran, Iran.

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