IRAN Introduction

Published: 9/4/2010 1:23:21 PM

IRAN with an area of more than (1.6 million square kilometers) is seventeenth countries in terms of area and is located in the southern half of the northern temperate zone and south west of Asia in Middle East. Iran is limited to Turkmenistan, Caspian sea, republics of Azerbaijan and Armenia from north, Turkey and Iraq from west, Pakistan and Afghanistan from east and Oman Sea and Persian Gulf from south.
Iran’s highest point is Damavand’s peak with 5610 meters height. Its longest river and the only navigable river is Karun with 890 km long. The largest lake in Iran is Urmia with 4868 square kilometers extent, and its largest island is Qeshm with 1491 square kilometers extent.
Iranian government is Islamic Republic and its national day is Bahman twenty-second. Capital of Iran is Tehran, the official language of people is Persian, currency is Rial, the official religion is Islam, and it’s population is 70, 472,846 people according to census in 2006.
Iran’s exports is including oil, carpets, fruits, nuts (pistachios, raisins, dates), Skin and Pickled, caviar, Petrochemical products, textiles, clothing, products of food industries.
Iran’s Industries is including petroleum, petrochemical, textile, cement and other building materials, food products processing (particularly refined sugar and drawing oil), metal.

Iran’s agricultural industry is including wheat, rice, cereals, suger beet, fruits, oil seeds (pistachios, almonds, walnuts), cotton, Dairy products, wool, caviar.

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