Babol Overview

Published: 1/21/2011 12:03:32 AM

Introducing Babol Township:

Mohammad Hassan Khan’s Bridge - 1729 AD

Babol is one of the most important cities in Mazandaran province with an area of 1431 square kilometers. From natural position, north and center of the city is plain and the southern part is mountainous. Plain air, like the rest of Mazandaran is temperate and humid and mountainous region,particularly above 1200 meters, has good cold climate and considered as good summer areas of Mazandaran.

Natural forest area of Babol Township is about 50 thousand hectare and Babolrood River is considered an important river there. The average of annual temperature in Babol is 15/9 ° C and the average of annual rainfall is 525/6 mm. Furthermore, this city has 14 universities and colleges.

There are many monuments in Babol among which following cases can be noted:
» Tomb of Sultan Mohammad Taher - 1454 AD
» Qasim Shrine Monument - 1469 AD
» Kazim Beik Religious School - 1671 AD
» Mohammad Hassan Khan’s Bridge - 1729 AD
» Chancellor’s  school and mosque - 1780 AD
» Babol’s Comprehensive School and Mosque - 1799 AD

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