About Mazandaran

Published: 1/20/2011 10:36:40 PM

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Mazandaran province is 23756 Square Kilometers wide.This province is located in north of Iran and south of Caspian Sea shores. It is bounded by Mazandaran Sea (Capian Sea) on the north, Golestan province on the  east, Gilan province  on the west, Alborz mountain range and Tehran, Qazvin and Semnan provinces on the south.
Mazandaran Sea: With around 438000 Square Kilometer of area, Mazandaran Sea is regarded as the biggest lake of the world. It is located among Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Khazakstan and Turkmenistan. It plays a determining role in the climatic condition of the coastal provinces of the north of the country.  It has given unique beauties to Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan provinces.

Proximity to sea from the north and restricting to the Alborz Mountains from the south, has led this province to the temperate climate. Lush plains and dense forests has become it to the paradise of Iran. And Damavand, which is Iran's highest peak, located in this province.
Tourism led 12 million passengers every year to visit this province.

Tourist attractions: Noor and Sisangan national parks and other national parks are considered among the important tourist attractions of Mazandaran. Other tourist attractions of this province could be mentioned as follows:
- Shoorchal Geloogah region: This area has been one of the residential areas of the first and second centuries of the Islamic civilization. Numerous relics have been buried inside the hills of the area, but unfortunately most of these relics have been exhumed by unauthorized excavators and have been ended up in the museums of foreign countries.

- Lajim citadel in Savadkooh: A valuable architectural work belonging to the fifth century after Hejira.
- Emart Spring of Behshahr: A two-storey building made during Safavid era. At present the ground floor and part of the second floor are remaining. At the midst of the ground floor there is the source of the spring .Previously water of the spring has been conducted outside the building from four directions through streams and entered into other streams in the garden surrounding the building and ultimately conducted outside the garden through the main streams.
- Shrine of Imamzadeh Taher in Kojur
- Malek Bahman Citadle in larijan
- Mosauleums of three seyyeds (descendants of Holy Prophet): One of the Seyyeds who have been buried in this place during the eighth and ninth century after Hejira , is Allamah ( very learned) Mir Heydar Amoli, one of the great personalities of Shia

People who lives in this province are so friendly and guests lover and Cities are so beautiful and modern there. Among natural jobs in this province, agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture and fishing can be mentioned. This province has a sandy beach, juicy rivers, historical monuments, mountainous and flat lush forests, paddy fields, beautiful plains and citrous trees.
It also has more than 100 universities and colleges in which thousands of students are enrolled.

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