Deputy of Administrative and Financial

Published: 3/6/2011 3:56:03 PM

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Administrative and Finance Assistant

Objectives and financial and administrative duties Deputy University
Administrative and Financial Department at the University is trying to always optimal use of human resources, financial resources the University could increase the efficiency of various units of the University in less time and with minimum cost is achieved Yshtryn performance. To this end, consider the following programs Deputy Administrative - Financial are:

  • Implementation of all financial and administrative regulation universities Drrayt care and financial and administrative
  • Supervision Employment (Employment - Retirement and promotion orders ...)
  • Oversee purchasing of all equipment used University
  • Monitoring of all payments received and the University
  • Decision about work units and programs to address the objectives of the University Executive
  • Coordinating activities of academic units
  • Participation in the councils, commissions and various meetings for commenting on various issues and coordinating the various levels of administrative and financial
  • Monitoring and cooperation on budget preparation and University
  • Planning for the welfare and promotion of faculty and staff members Mshyt
  • Cooperation with the University President, the duties related to better implementation of cooperative units University
  • Planning to improve administrative efficiency and moving towards development
  • Reports provide the necessary justification to the University President regarding the duties to the units under
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